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20/06/2010 18:06 # 1
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Bắt đầu học vẽ với ArtAcademy (03 DVD with eBook)[12GB]

ArtAcademy -
Beginning to Draw (03 DVD with eBook)
ArtAcademy - Beginning to Draw (03 DVD with eBook)
English | DVD-Video 720 x 480 | Dolby Digital (AC3) 192 Kbps | 12.1 GB
Contrary to popular myth, most artists are not born with the innate ability or skill to draw. Even those that do seem to possess some mystical talent to draw what they see before them without formal art school training have generally been drawing for years, sketching and doodling away in their spare hours.The trouble with the self-taught artist, however, is that many years are lost re-inventing the wheel when they could instead be taught the fundamentals of drawing in only a few months.
Where does one begin to learn how to draw?
You start by developing new drawing skills. At first your hand and eye coordination will not quite be there. Your first attempts at drawing will be awkward, but every time you draw your brain adds more information to what it knows and stores it so that next time it is a bit easier and your newly developed neural pathways are triggered. Eventually your drawing becomes more masterful, more automatic and fluid.
With training you will know exactly how to go about beginning a drawing, how to analyze a subject, how to measure and sight to establish the proper proportions of your subject, you will understand the rules of translating what you see into drawings that look three dimensional.
Over time and with consistent practice you will learn to master your drawing materials - how they work, what kind of mark they make, the proper way to maintain them and which materials work best for your desired outcome and you will have tons of fun and enjoyment along the way.
Learn how to draw - the first step
In my beginner drawing classes I would pin a variety of rectangles (colored pieces of illustration board) onto the wall as the starting point. Sure, there would be some grumbling in the class - admittedly rectangles are not the most exciting thing in the world to draw - but after only a few short hours the singularly most important lesson in drawing is fully ingrained: the ability to assess and feel proportion.
Well, I do have a small confession to make here. Those aforementioned rectangles that I use in my beginner drawing classes are not just any rectangles. They are actually the nine dynamic rectangles of natural design law (the golden rectangle is one). Every natural object, and many man-made ones, subscribe in one way or another to the dynamic rectangles. This is the basis of good design. It is also the basis of good teaching as I immediately begin to instill in you an appreciation and, again, feel of natural design.
CDR Beginning to Draw (pdf)
DVD 1. Basic Training
DVD 2. Placticity
DVD 3. Drawing the Cast
ArtAcademy - Beginning to Draw (03 DVD with eBook)

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Mars Flames
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Phản hồi: Bắt đầu học vẽ với ArtAcademy (03 DVD with eBook)[12GB]

quá hay, bóc tem :D down zìa luyện luôn he he he

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Phản hồi: Bắt đầu học vẽ với ArtAcademy (03 DVD with eBook)[12GB]

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