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How to start writing?

If you want to write better without thinking, you have to practice it EVERYDAY. Just begin with some topics that you are interested in.


If you are not confident with your handwriting, you can use typing in the computer or your mobile not (but I do not recommend).


Remember about 4 criteria of having a good essay:

  • Task response (means that you DID answer the question)

  • Coherence (using link words such as FIRST, SECOND, IN CONCLUSION, FOR EXAMPLE …)

  • Vocab (using the academics words or appropriate idioms, do not use the abbreviation, for example: can’t → cannot)

  • Grammar (try to use the complex sentences using WHICH, IF…)


I recommend using the notebook to practice writing instead of using computers or mobile phones because you will be easily distracted by social network if you use them. For example, instead of practicing 100 words per 10 minutes, you will use even more than one hour to read the new feed in Facebook or chatting with your friends.


Many students asked me some questions like: “How to remember the new words? How to start writing if you do not have any ideas or vocabs to write?”


First, what you have to do is to budget your time. That means how much time you will spend for you writing practice? 1 hour, 2 hours or just 10 minutes a day? You have to plan it and DO IT EVERYDAY. Remember that word - EVERYDAY.


Second, just start with a pen and a white paper. That’s it. Do not use the computer or mobile phones to type if you do not want be distracted by them.


Third, start with the topic you like to write. For example, describe about yourself (your job, your family, your hobby and so on…). Begin with these simple stuffs first so that you will not QUIT. Let’s go a little bit EVERYDAY. Remember that word again - EVERYDAY.


You see, I do not intend to write much at the beginning but I want to share my ideas so writing will be my hobby. So do not be worry. Just write as much as you like. And try to find a teacher to correct it.


When you are confident and happy with your writing, let’s choose an IELTS topic to do. Let’s pick up any topic in random. For example:


“In many countries, government spent a large amount of money on improving internet access. Why is it happening and do you think it is most appropriate use of government money?”


If you read a topic like that, do not be afraid and do not try to read the sample essay first. What you have to do is to analyse the keywords in this topic.

For example: money $$$ --> gov use→ improve Internet access.

WHY they do that? Is it good or bad?

If you say improving the Internet access is good, let’s give the reasons and examples. Is it simple now?

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