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Khoá Học Trực Tuyến Về Kỹ Năng Phỏng Vấn Bằng Tiếng Anh Trong Công Việc 'English At Work: Job Interviews' Từ EdX

Learn how to successfully ace your job interviews to get promotions and secure a new job.



About this course

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Based on advice from accomplished professionals in the business, HR and academic field, we have created a course that helps you succeed in job interviews and get that ultimate call.
Tell your story so well interviewers can’t ignore you!
Once you have your professional knowledge and gained your experience, how you persuade others to believe that you are as good as you say you are is the challenge. Our instructors have had a 100% success rate in getting interviews and landing a job, and we hope to share that experience with you. 




How will this course change the way you prepare for and perform in job interviews? 


  • No more generic answers! Hear what senior management specifically looks for in answers.
  • As a verified user, you get step by step guides on how to structure your answers!
  • No more rehearsing in your head! Use the tools on the platform to practise and get inspiration from other participants.
  • As a verified user, you get video samples and personalised feedback! 
  • Stop asking Google! Exchange ideas with a global community of learners.
  • As a verified user, you get face-to-face online sessions with our team!



What you'll learn


In this course you will learn how to:

  • prepare for challenging interview questions
  • plan impressive answers
  • perform professionally online

Course Syllabus

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Week 1: Preparing for the job interview

  • How you should prepare for a job interview
  • Find out about companies
  • Overcome nerves
  • Decide which clothes to wear
  • Vocabulary to discuss your hard and soft skills
  • Answering questions using the STAR technique

Week 2: Answering job interview questions

  • Avoiding mistakes during the interview
  • Tips to help you answer questions effectively and confidently
  • Understanding the importance of non-verbal communication during interviews
  • The importance of intonation.

Week 3: Responding to challenging job interview questions

  • Answering those challenging interview questions
  • Being able to stand out during interviews
  • Providing diplomatic answers to questions you would prefer had not been asked and giving yourself time to come up with an answer
  • Stressing key words in your replies

Week 4: Closing the job interview effectively, post interview and online interviews

  • Considering the questions that you, the interviewee should ask, or not ask 
  • Deciding what you should do, or not do at the end of the interview, and after the interview
  • Discovering how online interviews are similar to and different from face to face interviews




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