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Connectify Hotspot - Free download and software reviews


How To Share Your WiFi Juice and Find a Potential Date




Have you ever been frustrated with not finding a Free WiFi Hot spot? Have you been frustrated in not finding a date? I have been a lot and it is frustrating since I believe that Internet access and finding a date should always be free anyway.

I have been sharing my WiFi connection since I have found out about a new service from a little known company called They have managed to make computers with Windows 7 installed as its operating system and a little software to actually create a virtual router.

It is so simple. You simply go to their website and download the program. Follow all the instructions and once done you will see the Connectify logo where all those little nifty things are at the bottom of your screen.

That is all it takes to have your own virtual router. It does not take a genius to do this and it is even harder to actually set up a real router.

To get you started, just click the Connectify button and create the necessary fields to share your WiFi juice. Create a Wi-Fi Name - this will be the connection people will see when they are looking for WiFi Hotspot. Create a password, I always put the simplest password like 12345678 or ABCDEFGH as you would need at least 8 characters as your password. Check the box that says 'Share Internet' and in a few minutes it will create your very own WiFi Hotspot. Now to share the WiFi Hotspot you simply share your password.

How this tip will find you a date? If you are one of those who creates opportunity when there is none, you will surely find a lady lost in the airport, hotel or a coffee shop trying to get on to a free WiFi Hotspot and if you are one of those with an unlimited Internet access from a mobile phone company. Then this is surely a way of finding a date and you got it all free by simply sharing your WiFi connection or let us say you have Connectified.


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