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Cấp độ: 3 - Kỹ năng: 1

Kinh nghiệm: 13/30 (43%)
Kĩ năng: 1/10 (10%)
Ngày gia nhập: 06/01/2016
Bài gởi: 43
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Great Blue slot game is the best choice

How to play Great Blue slot game
  • Introduction
If you've ever joined slot game highway king which is a product of PlayTech, maybe you will have basic understanding of the betting games which provided by Play Tech. Similar to Highway king slot game, Great Blue slot game is also an awesome betting game. It is carefully made from interface, graphics, smoothing sound effects to bonus features. Because this is a game with cool underwater theme, when you open this game, you will be immersed in an undersea world with smooth music as well as bright and cute creatures which is designed related to the marine life. Great Blue has 5 reels as well as 25 pay lines. If you know how to play, and really know the function of the main buttons in this game, your chances of winning will be very high. Now, I am going to introduce you about how to use the buttons. You should pay attention and note them.
  • How To Play
- The bet size can be adjusted by pressing on the Change Denomination button located at the bottom left of the screen.
- The line bets are chosen by clicking on the Bet per Line button. The highest bet is 10 coins of the chosen value.
- Pay lines are picked by pressing on Lines. The total bet per game is calculated as Line Bet x Active Pay lines.
- Press Spin to start the reels spinning and clicking Stop will end them and show the result.
- Wins are equal Line Win = Line Bet x corresponding multiplier. Scatter Win equal Total Bet x corresponding multiplier. The Pay table is accessible through the Info page.
- On any Pay line, only the highest winning Pay line combination pays out. Simultaneous winnings on many Pay lines are combined.
- The Win field shows total winnings.
- Winning triggers the Gamble button which will start the Gamble feature when pressed.
  • Features
- Wild symbol: The Wild symbol can replace any symbol except for the Scatter. They will represent the symbol which will offer you the best possible win. Any wins has a Wild will be doubled.
- Scatter symbol: Scatters can show up on any Pay line. More than 2 Scatters can earn an additional win. Scatter payouts are multiplied by the total bet.
  • Bonuses
A win triggers the Gamble option. You can bet your winnings from the last spin and double them. You can choose whether to bet on Red or Black by clicking on theme. If you do not want to bet, you can go back to the main game.
The combination of the amazing graphics as well as a number of winning combinations, the bonus features boost up winnings, with the Wilds giving the chance to replace as well as raise your winnings. The Scatters can trigger the bonus round, with the free spin feature allowing you to play Great Blue slot game for free and giving more chances to win.
This slot game is the best choice for you when summer is already here. We have many more exciting games at Malaysia online casino. Let’s dive into the underwater world and discover one of the most fun as well as attractive online casino slots.

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