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04/07/2016 14:07 # 1
Cấp độ: 3 - Kỹ năng: 1

Kinh nghiệm: 13/30 (43%)
Kĩ năng: 1/10 (10%)
Ngày gia nhập: 06/01/2016
Bài gởi: 43
Được cảm ơn: 1
Play Great Blue Slot Game at Mobile Casino

Accumulated wild cards in the Great Blue slot game
As briefly referred before, the wild cards are the orca whale photos, they usually come accumulated on all the rounds placing any signal save the scatter pearl card. The reality that they come accumulated can really pumped your winnings, especially as each time a wild card join in operating a pay line, it will double your winnings.
Double or nothing for players of Great Blue
Great blue brings you the chance to increase any of your winning turns by selecting as the card will be red or black. We strongly introduce spending this feature wisely. Which means don't risk the big pay-outs, only double the small wins until they cover the original gamble.
Great Blue slot game is regarded as one of the most done online slot machines malaysia slots ever created by Play Tech. It is a sort of very high variety slot, usually mentioned to a very admirable slot game. In the other hands, great blue slot game gives away huge payouts. There is also a drawback to this astonishing property of this slot. Similar to other capricious slot games, even these can through lean spells which long very last. Great Blue is absolutely an exciting and interesting slot to enjoy. Almost all online casino slots bring the slot and thanks to its concept which draws maximum attention. The slot predominantly gives an ocean concept with great effects, longevity and accumulated wilds.
All about Great Blue Slots
The sea has some treasury hidden beneath its depths, and Great Blue is no different. The killer whale is the wild sign and not only substitutes for other signs, it also raises your winning experience as it's on a winning pay line. If that's still not good enough, you can bet your winning experience by selecting red or black in a double or nothing slot.
You can alter the deal you gamble each row and the number of pay lines are available at that time. Even though having all 25 rows available which will maximises the opportunity of kicking a winning combo, it is more costly each turn. As your luck comes in, this high risk gameplay plans has unbelievably high prizes which could look your original gamble multiplied by 10,000 times!
The molluscs scatter signs hide gorgeous pearls and as you are lucky enough to look for 3 of them across the 5 rounds, you'll join the extra slot. In the additional slot you select 2 molluscs from a group of 5. Inside the molluscs are free turns and multipliers. Select exactly and you could bag yourself more than 33 free turns or a 15x multiplier. Only by joining the extra slot you get a surprising 8 free turns.
Play Great Blue Slot at Mobile Casino
You can join the Great Blue slot game straight from your smart phone or tablet application. At our casino in the internet, you can enjoy all of your interesting slots right in the palm of your hand. Still saving up for that wish vacation in the Malaysia? Only press the button of Turn and feel as if diving in the Malaysia Sea. Right here, right now. Searching for treasuries in the seashells of the additional round, and you will be capable of affording the wish holiday for true. Great Blue is a 5-round 25-line multi-coin video slot game. The Wild signal raises all wins as it appears in winning connections on an available pay line; the Scatter sign and bet characteristic consisted as well.

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