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Kinh nghiệm: 13/30 (43%)
Kĩ năng: 1/10 (10%)
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Bài gởi: 43
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Gaming resources of Great Blue Slots

Demo Great Blue Slots Game Online Free
Regardless of the fact that the summer season is in full swing or you’re freezing in the winter, Playtech slot game great blue is certainly the way to keep you entertained. This 5 reel and 25 payline presents a series of friendly aquatic creatures as well as a wild symbol, a free spins bonus, and a bonus bet. E ‘more than enough to make the passage of time under the sea
The slot game Great Blue is a fanciful creation offered by Playtech, with which he gives a nice representation of the marine world and fauna that populates. The gaming environment is enhanced by outstanding graphics component accompanied by sound effects that will immerse the player in an environment, fun and also exciting because of the many opportunities to create winning combinations.
Gaming resources
There are many gaming resources that can allow the player to achieve winnings, such as Wild and Scatter symbols, Free Spins with a multiplier of winning, the special function “Gamble” with which you can double your winnings obtained. The slot Great Blue winning percentage is over 90%, so the winnings that can be achieved are numerous and also very frequent.
The online slot machines malaysia has 5 reels and 25 pay lines on which to run the betting in order to achieve one of the 28 possible winning combinations. The game settings are very simple and accessible for those who are not very familiar with the world of online gambling.
Betting option
To determine the number of paylines to bet on, users must click on the “Lines”. To fix the value of the bet, the player must click on the button “Bet to Line”.
To perform bet the maximum amount, you can also click the “Bet Max” button.
Activating the game
To start the Great Blue free slot, you must click the “Spin” button. If you want to start a game session automatically “mode”, after fixing the number of rounds to play, you have to click on the “AutoStart”. In order to inspect the winning combinations and the amounts that can be collected, the user can click the “Info.”
Symbols and Images Slot
During the revolutions of the rollers, users will be able to combine them with a series of symbols that are part of the world that inspired the online slots, like the Shark, the Tortoise, the ‘Orca Killer, the Star, the Seahorse , fish, shell with the pearl and the usual poker cards, such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. The Orca Killer in Great Blue slot game is also a wild symbol that replaces any symbol on the display except the Scatter symbol and it lets you double the value of the winnings obtained.
Scatter bonus and activated The Conch is a scatter symbol. If the player during the game sessions, displays two or more Scatter symbols activates the game of Free Spins with a multiplier bonus.
Free spins
The free spins bonus is triggered, if you get hit 3 or more Scatter symbols. In this phase of the game, the player switches to a screen where you must select two shells of 5. Start the Bonus with 8 free spins with a multiplier that doubles the value of the winnings. In addition, the winnings thanks to the presence of hidden multipliers in selected shells, are added to the free spins with the bonus.
The maximum number of free spins that can be exploited at slot Great Blue by the player is 33 and the maximum multiplier obtainable allows you to pay your winnings 15 times the bet. At a time when the special function “Gamble is awarded a payout, it enables”.
Gamble feature
If the player accepts to access this mode of play, it will be moved to another screen where you propose a card which you have to guess the color, choosing between red and black.
If you guess correctly, you double the value of the winnings made during the main slot game Great Blue. Otherwise it is lost the entire amount of funds. We can do is wish you good fun, inviting you to a moderate and responsible gaming, because the gambling is just entertainment.


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