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[EL] Đề thi Anh văn 1



Criteria for marking the speaking test

Students are allowed to have 8-10 minutes to prepare for their presentation


I. PAIRWORK: 7 marks


1.   Content: 3.0 ms


2.   Fluency and confidence: 1.5 ms


3.   Pronunciation and intonation: 1.5 ms


4.    Accuracy: 1.0 m


Students have ONE chance to change the topic




- Questions on personal information


- Do you like travelling? What places do you want to visit?


- Where will you go if you have a two-week vacation?


- Who is your favorite person/? What does he/she look like?


- Describe your mother/father/sister/ close friend


- What do you often do on holidays?


- What holidays or festivals are important in Vietnam?


- What are some advantages and disadvantages of living in the city? In the country?


-  Which city in Vietnam would you like to live in? Why?


-  What’s your favorite city to visit? Why?


-  What ways do you often use to keep your body fit?


     -  What are your hopes and dreams for the future?


-         How would you describe the city or town where you live? What would you like and dislike about it?

-         What is a “typical” family in Vietnam?


Ticket 1

Pair work: Discuss these questions

-         What is the biggest city you have ever visited? What was it like there?

-         What is your favorite city to visit? Why?

-         If you could choose a city to live in, which would it be? Why?



Ticket 2

Pair work: Two of you are discussing advantages and disadvantages of living in a big family. Think about

-         relationship among members

-         privacy

-         saving money

-         the help from other people

-         others…



Ticket 3

Pair work: Two of you are discussing achievements and dreams

Discuss these questions

-         Do you want to change anything about your life? What?

-         What are you most proud of?

-         Do you have any regrets?

-         What are your dreams in the future?

-         What do you hope to do in 5 years, 10 years?



Ticket 4

Pair work: Describe your dream home

-         Where it is located

-         What it looks like

-         How many room there are in the house

-         What furniture can you find in the rooms


Ticket 5

Pair work:

Student A: You are at 209 Phan Thanh, ask the direction to go somewhere in Danang city (big C, Song Han bridge, Danang station, the airport)

Student B: Gives the way to get there


Ticket 6

Pair work: Two of you are discussing movies you have seen recently. Think about:

-         The kind of movie

-         Main actor, actress

-         Director of the movie

-         What it is about

-         Others



Ticket 7

Pair work: You are going to have holidays. Discuss these questions:

-         How do you like to travel?

-         Where do you like to stay?

-         What activities do you enjoy?



Ticket 8

Pair work: Discuss these questions

-         Where do you usually shop?

-         What do you enjoy about shopping? What don’t you enjoy?

-         What was the last thing you bought?

-         Why did you buy it?

-         How much is it?



Ticket 9

Pair work: Discuss these questions

-         Who is your best friend? Describe him or her

-         How do you describe yourself?


Ticket 10

Pair work: Get to know each other.

-         What are you studying?

-         How many people are in your family?

-         What is your address?

-         What is your favorite kind of music?

-         What do you often do in your free time?

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