Các bạn vui lòng dùng từ ngữ lịch sự và có văn hóa,sử dụng Tiếng Việt có dấu chuẩn. Chúc các bạn vui vẻ!
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Freelance Tour Guide Job


We are the happiest way to enjoy truly local experiences when travelling. 

We believe that we are here to deliver the happiest booking experience for travellers through design, technology and human touch. We are constantly focusing on improving the happiness of our customers and team members.

Triip is featured on The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, TheNextWeb, TechInAsia, VentureBurn. We are the Winner of Startup Innovation Award by World Travel Forum Lucerne 2015, Top 3 most exciting travel startups in Asia Pacific by TravelMole, Top 3 social travel startups in 2013 by Wise Radar, one of 40 regional winners for the final global startup Seedstarsworld competition 2015.

Initially, we have create a small impact to 100000+ travellers and local experts in over 600 cities, 86 countries. It was a difficult path we’ve made. We do not know what is next, we do not know what would be the challenges. The only thing we know is our end goal to improve travel industry. That's why we need your talent.


Becoming Tour Guide, you COULD:

  • WORK ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE: You can choose your own working time. Triip is a global company so you could work anywhere you want. Every communication would be done by online. Every payment will be made through account on Paypal, Stripe, Western Union. 
  • LEAD YOUR OWN TOUR: You will get your own tours based on your hobbies, with your own favourite places and activities. Let the travelers enjoy travel like a local.
  • GOOD ADDITIONAL INCOME: You can possibly earn 500$ per week.

We are looking for those who wants to meet new friends, guide them around the city, share the local culture and actually get paid. You don’t exactly have to be an official tour guide either. We are looking for locals who have experience in the following categories:

  • Adventuring 
  • Food & Cooking
  • Entertainment/Shopping/Nightlife
  • Sightseeing/History/Art
  • Muslim
  • Startup
  • LGBT
  • Photography

Triip is not just about money making. It is about connecting people, about sharing experience, about localizing travel and about preserving culture.

You can take a look at the list of local tours in Vietnam


  • Clear communication (mostly our guests speak English but knowing many different languages is an advantage.)
  • Strong people skills.
  • Know your city inside out, love travel and willing to share the local experiences.
  • Can work minimum 5hrs a week


To become a freelance tour guide at Triip, please follow the link below:

Become a Triip Creator


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