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[Fshare] 33 topics for TOEFL oral exams

Topic 1: Describe a classmate or colleague you often meet or met.

I have a lot of friends, but Tam is one of my closest friends. He comes from Kim Dong District, Hung Yen province. He is the person who can share all kinds of difficulties and happiness in life. Not only is he helpful ,but also he is intelligent. He is also good at both teaching English and using computers. I first met him when we were at Hai Duong teachers' training colleague. Although we are living far from each other, I often contact with him by e-mail, chatting, or phone calls .Sometimes, on special occasions I come along his family and so does he. We often talk to each other about our family, hobbies and work .We are really good friends.

Topic 2: Describe a typical holiday in your country.

In our country, there are quite lots of different holidays every year, but in my opinion, I think Tet holiday is the most typical holiday for most Vietnamese people. Though we can live or work far from our family, we still try to get together at Tet. Tet holidays often occur in late January or early February. It is a good chance for us to have days off and have time to visit relatives or friends for giving good luck and best wishes to each other. For some people who are rich, they can go on a trip somewhere in Vietnam or in foreign countries to enjoy Tet holidays.

Topic 3: Describe your favorite festival or celebration.

I have some celebrations to celebrate and some festivals to enjoy every year. However, for me, my wedding celebration is the most important one that I never forget. I think it's the special celebration for not only me, but also my wife to recall the time we started our new happy life. Our celebration often happens in March every year. On this occasion, we often have a small party and offer gifts to each other. This celebration helps us live more happily and strengthen our love.

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